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THE UPFIELD LINE – Wooden Gates and Semaphores’ - More than a cab ride, this program covers the line from the cab from Flinders Street through to Upfield. It passes the many wooden gates and semaphore signals that have now been removed since the line’s upgrading.

THE INNER CIRCLE PLUS’ In this video, we feature the Inner Circle line between Northcote Junction and Royal Park. After a brief history of the line, the viewer has a chance to ride the line and compare these shots with what remains today. Also travel over the Kew, Thomastown and Hurstbridge lines in the late 1950's and early 1960's as well behind as E and Y on suburban tours. 

Catalogue Number CFRD 1003

Running time 90 minutes approx. 

Price $39.50

The Upfield Line/The Inner Circle


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Remembering the Beechy
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