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About Us

In the early days, Channel 5 Productions produced railway videos and DVDs for the enthusiast who likes that 'bit of extra' with their fare.  Old archive films were purchased, sourced or donated and these have been digitally restored to capture the memories of the old steam trains and scenes of a bygone era.


With additional equipment, today Channel 5 Productions offers a range of services, including conversion of old films to newer digital format. Special filming of seminars, training sessions or events may also be undertaken and then edited and compiled for you to use as you see fit.

Converting old to new or developing new material is what Channel 5 Productions can deliver to you.

Footage of Conversion

Formats we can convert:


Super 8




Cassette DV


Betacam SP
Digital Betacam

All modern digital formats should you need help to edit and compile your project.

Something not listed?


Use our contact form to send us a message. We just may be able to help you out.

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