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The last train on the Colac to Beech Forest and Crowes line ran on the 30th of June 1962.

In this DVD, we go back to the twilight years oftrain operations when Garratt locomotives G 41, and later G 42were in charge of almost all trains.

Thanks to film shot mainly by the Late Keith Atkinsonand digitally restored by Channel 5 Productions, the weekly goods comes alive once again.

Trains are seen between Colac and Weeaproina including shunting and running around the baloon loop at Beech Forest.

There were many specials organised in the last years of the line including the Kanyana Festival in 1959, `The Dinmont Dasher'and a scout Jambouree special.

Catalogue number:  CFRD 1040  Running Time: 65 minutes
$34.50 plus postage

Remembering the Beechy


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Remembering the Beechy
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