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After the Second World War, the Victorian Railways was in need of massive refurbishment. As part of this process, a number of new rail cars were purchased to replace or supplement the aging rail motor fleet. 
In this program, we begin with a brief history of the state of the Victorian Railways after World War 2 and the development of the rail motor and rail car fleet from the late 1940’s through to the late 1970’s. 
Then, utilising film from a number of sources, we travel aboard some of these rail motors and rail cars of journey over lines now long closed. Filmed from the front window of the rail motor, they show the railways as they were. These journeys are supplemented by shits of trains on these lines, to highlight features that were not always apparent from the train itself. 
The first line visited is Thorpdale in 1955, 3 years before it closed. A side trip to Yallourn is also featured. 
Whilst still in the east of Victoria, a trip to Yarram aboard a diesel Electric Rail Motor as far as Leongatha, and a 280 hp Walker rail car beyond. This is followed by a journey from Wonthaggi back to Nyora. 
Closer to Melbourne, we have two trips on the Healesville line, (a decade apart), featuring 153hp Walker Railcars. Our final journey in on the Queenscliff line aboard a 600hp Tulloch diesel rail car. 

Rail Motor Journeys Over Lost VR Lines


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Remembering the Beechy
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